These are the things I have recently started to strive for, the things that I want for my life.

In this life I want to put my Jesus first by doing the crazy beautiful things He calls me to do. I want to live fearlessly with no limits, with nothing holding me back from living. I want to be wide open and vulnerable. Vulnerability is truly strength, because one of the bravest things is to be you and let your heart be shown. I want to be love; I want to be soft. I don’t want to let my heart be hardened by hate. I desire to love with no boundaries, with no fear of being hurt or broken. “…Because in the presence of my Jesus all will be made well, and that which I face inside His grace will not go unnoticed or unhealed”(allison nicole / alltheblindingstars). I want to live my life authentically and be real and aware of all sides of me. To try to be messily authentic, soft, brave, & vulnerable, is to live. “To live fearlessly, to live vulnerably, is to live fully alive, ever present”(mackie renee). I want to live seeing all the blinding beauty around me and to remember to give thanks to God for all of the beauty that I seem to never take notice of.

an attempt to live fully alive.

ava lucia


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