the joy

In all this: a dear friend’s numbness being relieved by long awaited tears, the seemingly ending of a dark hole that she has been existing in for the past four months. I see her, we drink hot black coffee, it’s better, she has more joy – I can tell.

In the brokenness of our hearts is when we best see God; she saw God in her hole of darkness, she is seeing God. In the crack in the wall we see light. Because of our brokenness we can contain joy, possess light. Jesus called us to “not be afraid” and to be brave in revealing our brokenness. Joy is coming. Joy is here.
You can be joyful in darkness because you have Jesus. Even when you are numb and you can’t seem to cry, you still have Jesus. You still have joy. It’s easier to appreciate joy when you have been in dark sadness. You see light. You have one, to appreciate the other. I am learning you can, in fact, find joy in the darkest pit.
The way to joy in brokenness is to be thankful – be thankful for the sunrise, thankful for your friend’s laughter, thankful for the room dappled in sunlight. In all this brokenness, in all the weary world in which we live, we see JOY. We see joy in a sunrise or in a dear friend’s eyes. We see joy in the Jesus that came, that comes, in the “slow unfurling of grace” (Ann Voskamp), Christmas. Christmas is joy in brokenness. God with us. The most perfect beautiful being in the world we’ve trashed: messy, dark, sinful. Joy in darkness. Our infinite God was converted into flesh and bone, so He could to give us joy. The infinite Love came down, the Love that gives us joy.

“there is a crack in the door filled with light…” wasteland, needtobreathe

ava lucia


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