full; the savor



empty. why does christmas, the happiest time, leave us empty?

i don’t know.


because (maybe) we expect too much, want too much, when all that really satisfies us is in our very hands. that’s why – because we aren’t thankful.
hold what you’ve always had.

Sunsets (sunsets i seem to miss too often). we’ve always had them, why don’t we go out and stare at them? in the cold night air, watching the sky, feeling alive. why don’t we do that more often? why not? they’re lovey. sunsets? yes. everyday. they come, just like Jesus. The God who won’t let go of me, of you. Christmas is the fullest.
The happiest season is full.
Because of Jesus.
Life is full – if we breathe. if we stop and enjoy it. rush leaves things empty. savor.

The Christmas present opening, the boys tear the paper. wild & fast. did they enjoy it? no. they wanted more, they weren’t satisfied. they weren’t thankful. they weren’t full.
They rushed the beauty of Christmas.

don’t rush. savor.

“i am thank-full. i am time-full.” Ann Voskamp
time is full. unwrap it slowly – enjoy it.
life is short, in seconds it vanishes. time is strange.

“life is dessert – too brief to hurry”
Ann Voskamp

Christmas should not be empty, but full. The fullest. You are full. Jesus became empty to fill us.
Give thanks for the full Christmas.

“This God, this time before it bursts. All this. I want to savor long whatever time holds.” Ann Voskamp

be full.


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