ocean heart


the heart beats, the cheeks warm, starring up at yellow walls.

the constellation i saw last night – chest heaves, lungs breathe: this is grace.

could i ever learn to believe? all is grace. all is grace?
those stars in the sky, that human who blesses, this hug, the coffee this morning, yes those are graces. friend, you’ve made my mind a complex thing. all is grace.

but the breaks, the cracks?
am i truly wrapped in endless boundless grace?
i touch the cosmos You spoke into existence?
i see your grace.
turn around and see broken hearts, broken dreams, broken ways.
all is grace?

the heart ripped open, the ocean. your ocean heart, your ocean smile, ripped away. that is grace?
this pit of blackness, this lucid dreaming, the numb pain, unsure, unsure. no flame, no spark. you, stuck in your mind. what is this darkest death in life?

the soul that has faltered, the heart that has been shattered.
yes, you are wrapped in endless, boundless grace.

those breaks in your heart, that’s how that flood of love washes in. heart ripped clean open for the cracks to be flooded with more grace. your heart the desert, then your heart flooded.
ocean heart.

flooded, flooded, flooded with grace. always grace. all is grace.


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