never regret loving


love is something i’ve been thinking a lot about lately. love is risky, it’s vulnerable and messy. but never regret loving someone. love is the most powerful gift you can give. when we love a part of us breaks. but the more we break the more love and fulfillment flows in. to love is to let go. to love is a truly fearless thing.

love messes with your soul. love restores your soul. loving opens you up to the worst heartbreak. but hate is a lazy thing. loving is hard. loving takes strength. love is what gets you to hold on when there is nothing in you. love lets others see the ugly things about yourself that you have messily hidden away.

love is feelings. but loving is something much more than that; love is bigger than feelings. love is the words you send from your heart (even when it hurts). love is breaking because you love someone. love is the sunlight dappled through trees. love is the nail that cut through His flesh. love could be dying for the God you love.

that girl, a dear friend, tangled bun on her head. most probably see her as just a sweet girl who’s lived in lots of places. but i know she struggles with living in the present, she knows time is valuable and her biggest fear is that we are all wasting it. that girl with a messy bun, i see her as the one with the fearless fiery heart.

that girl, precious to me, her mind wanders and ends in darkness, the loss and pain and numbness of her past. the struggles with consistency and chronic mind pain. the injury, the art, the matters of her heart. most probably see her as the redhead just lovely and different. but now i see her as the one with the soft, beautiful and messy heart.

that girl, near to my heart, she doesn’t think she’s enough and doesn’t measure up. long messy hair and a mind full of fear. but her smiles is as big as the sea (but only when it’s real) most might think of her as just a sweet and pretty human being. but i see her as the one with the big heart, full of grace, full of dreams.

my heart breaks seeing those humans hurt. it hurts to see you hurt, but that’s what love does. the one who loves you hurts with you. Jesus hurts with you: Jesus feels what you feel and His heart breaks along with yours. the One who holds the stars – His heart breaks when your heart does.

love breaks you. love fills you (His love is the only thing that can fill you). love messes with you. love is powerful. love is authentic. love is beautiful. love is vulnerable. love is fearless. love is joy. love is one thousand gifts.

so love with your whole heart.           stay soft.

ava lucia



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