i’ve been realizing a lot of things about art lately. i have a dear friend and teacher who emphasizes that your movement is art. that ballet combo that i had trouble remembering – it’s all art. even when i don’t do the steps perfectly, i am still making art. art is anything but perfection. art is becoming more important to me. i want to see art in my movement and dancing (and others movement and dancing). i want to see art in human’s faces. in the sky, the everyday; i want to see art in the way humans feel and and love and think. i see art in the song that moves my insides. i see art in that human i love. i see art in that book that makes my heart palpitate.
“art is an extension of the soul”
real art comes from the very chambers of your heart. i want to be an artist. i am an artist. simultaneously, i want to read poetry and write love stories and dance how i feel right now. i want to love people so deeply and differently that they know they have been touched by my heart (and my art). love is art. there’s art in the way someone’s eyes light up when the human they love walks into the room. there is so much art and beauty in this messy world. when that introverted woman can stand on that stage and passionately speak of her brokenness and the only thing that fills it – that’s beauty. there is art and beauty everywhere you turn. you have to learn to see it. (i have to learn to see it and look for art)
seeing art in the everyday is hard. seeing art (and beauty) in people can be hard. but art is beautiful because you can let go and feel things.

think of your favorite coffee shop. think of all the coffee shops you’ve been to – not one is alike.
the building, the decorations, the coffee, the humans, and the style is all beautifully different. it’s all art. a coffee shop is the loveliest example of art. go to a coffee shop and order a latte (more art). go to a coffee shop and look at all the different people – see it as the art and beauty all around you. look at the walls and the coffee dripping into cups. put your hand around the warm coffee-filled, handcrafted mug (more art). coffee shops are my favorite because everywhere you turn there is more art. there is art everywhere. art is important because it helps you see the world as something more beautiful.
we need to stop judging ourselves and others. art is art. there is never a wrong answer in art. so splatter paint on a canvas or write how you feel. all of humankind is in a constant state of growth. we are all growing as artists, as human beings. we all learn. however you’re art looks, it’s beautiful. art isn’t always pretty – art is supposed to make you feel. whatever your way of expressing yourself is – this is your art. whether your art is music, dancing, painting, acting, or designing – it’s all art.
in fact your life is your art. your beautiful messy face is art.
my life is my art. i make mistakes and learn from them. when i make art, some people may love it and others my hate it.
a very dear friend with fiery hair – she always sees art in people and sees the beauty in brokenness. she writes, paints, dances, thinks, and feels in the most artistic ways.
i hope i’m the human being who always tries to find beauty in every person, in every type of art.
that friend and teacher with the constellation on her arm – she finds art as we move and dance and learn in the room.
let us be flowers constantly growing: learning about God, ourselves, and art. i want to make art, show art, be art. i type the word art into my dictionary.
“art – something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or expresses important ideas or feelings”
your art is what expresses your creativity and thought and feelings.
go create, go make things that show what you think and love and feel.
a close friend once told me: look at what someone takes pictures of and that will tell you what you value.
i scroll through the hundreds of pictures i’ve taken (photography is art too). i see it: people, lots of lovely people (i take approximately 30 pictures when i’m with a friend). then the sky, half of my camera roll consists of clouds and sunsets. then i see photos of light, of coffee, of more human beings. what your art is, is what you value. value art. value humankind. art is important. you are important. you are beautiful.

to do:
– look at art
– be art
– make art
– show art
– art

you are art: messy, beautiful, creative, full of feelings, full of grace.


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