Navarre Beach, Florida / June 22

To see a glimpse of beauty is to see a vision of God’s love for you.

I sat on the sand, I watched the waves and let them crash over my legs. The water was so strong, the ocean so big. All could think of was God’s love; over and over again, washing over me. The waves kept coming, kept crashing, kept flowing over me — just like God’s love. With every small piece of joy or beauty or life, God is showing me his love. And today it was the ocean, the tide ebbing and flowing. The wind was blowing as I sat in the rough sand and the salt misted in my eyes — as I sat there I didn’t hear an audible voice but he was there (like he always is). God was showing me his love, letting me feel him. I picked up tiny little seashells and held them in my hand as the salty water stung my eyes. I looked at the ocean, God’s love is bigger than that; bigger than anything I can understand. In that moment I lived. “Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10). I lived in the present because I experienced the depth of God’s love.
Let God’s love flow over you, wash you, overwhelm you.

Look for the love of God.
much love,
Ava Lucia



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