love so deep


More clearly, more vividly, I see what Jesus gave up to become Emmanuel. He gave up all the glory of heaven, the wonderful presence of His Father, His crown. He left His own Father for you. I realize how much Jesus comes like a groom, coming for His bride: us, you, me. In so many places, in so many acts of Jesus’ love: it’s the groom coming for His bride. He leaves His Father to love you. Jesus knows you are worthy of love simply because He created you. He knows your deep beauty because you are loved by your Father. Jesus sees all of you; the lovely, the messy, the broken, the unexplainable. In knowing your thoughts and ways Jesus loves you relentlessly still.

Jesus gave up the glory of heaven to come through a birth canal. For you. Jesus came to feel everything you feel; there is no feeling Jesus does not feel with you. He gave up the intimate love of His Father to be forsaken by His Father, so you could belong to His Father. To allow His Father to pull you close. He gave up everything to pull you close. Jesus gave up everything. When He hung on the cross He felt the shame of every sin that had been committed and the shame of every sin that will be committed. The smallest guilt you feel to the darkest shame you have ever felt does not compare to what Jesus felt for you. So much sin and shame on Him that the Father abandoned Him so you could be a forgiven, loved child of God. Again and again, the words of precious Steffany Gretzinger come to my mind, “All He wanted was to be close; the whole point was to be close.” God has forgiven and shattered humanities’ sin by the blood and resurrection of Jesus. He shattered our sin so He could be near us. Emmanuel: the God we can feel, touch, and love. Emmanuel, God with us, came to bring God to your home. Jesus came to bring God to your darkest hole of disconnection. “God gives God.” Ann Voskamp
This Jesus, this “God with us”, this Prince of Peace and Lord of lords — He tore the veil to set you free. Love so unconditional, wild, reckless, and deep that He folded Himself into flesh and came as a child. Love so deep, He was beaten and murdered for your inheritance in heaven. Love so reckless He went to hell so you wouldn’t have to. Love so strong that it conquered death. Love so big that Jesus will love you to death.

2018: the year of deeply experiencing the love of Jesus                                                               -~ava lucia~


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