comfort in promise

February 28, 2018

His promises are like a constant sunlight streaming through your window
The morning light that bathes your room in a glow
An ever-present light seeping into your heart
Imprinted on your lips, burned into your mind
He is always with you

His promises are like the sway of the tree branches in the wind
The wind of God blowing, gusting through your gaps
The tender touch of His hand holding you close
A breeze, His presence calming, then shattering your every fear
Leaves brushing against your cheeks, like His softness bringing you strength

His promises like an ocean, His love crashing over you, always
You are a raging sea, Your reckless love overwhelms me
Salty mist, the ebb and flow of water over my bare legs
You feel Holy Spirit move, jolting you from a daydream
A flood washing away your sinful thoughts and making them grace

His promises are like a never-ending summer or a covenant at a wedding
Like iridescent colors changing your perspective
Like the meloides He’s singing over you
Promises so unshakable not even the fire of hell could stir them
A love, a promise that will never grow dim, will never fade


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