ava lucia

plain brown hair and ever-changing blue green eyes. 

dancing ten hours a week and wondering why.

polaroids taped to yellow walls, pictures hung in banners.

seven plants on the window sill.

soft songs playing in the background.

hot cups of peppermint tea.

daydreaming of a smile as big as the ocean. 

laughing so hard the joy spills over.

taking twenty pictures of the sunset.

needing quiet, wanting a slower life.

random “i love you” texts to close friends. 

love stories to dream; you giving me butterflies.

old movies, romantic movies. 

hand lettering with black paint.

cursive letters across every page.

memories tattooed to my brain, fragmented thoughts.

sunlight blaring through my window.

my favorite thai restaurant with yellow walls.

big soft sweaters and denim.

minimalist gold necklaces, silver rings.

perfume, peppermint oil, rose mist.

silent prayers during car rides, gazing at redbuds. 

staring up at clouds, almost iridescent colors streaming through and taking over the sky. 

sunflowers amidst overcast light, scattered poetry. 

journals with the messiest thoughts and sketches of flowers.

homemade chocolate birthday cake, soft smiles, warm hugs.

sunlight trapped in my heart, fully known, fully loved. 


april 9th, 2018


4 Replies to “ava lucia”

  1. Wow Ava we share the same birthday and I identify with is beautiful poem. Sounds like your birthday was as special as mine was. Happy birthday talented girl.

    Liked by 1 person

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