Well, my main goal in 2018 was to write one blog post every month and I am proud that I accomplished it! (December 31st, 2018 / 11:24 p.m.) I promise I posted this when it was still 2018 😉

Even if this year has been hard for you or people you love, we can still be thankful for it. We must learn to dance in the victory that we believe is coming even while tears stream down our faces. The Lord is teaching his children to dance on disappointment. Whether you experienced the greatest joy or the greatest sorrow (or a mixture of the two) God is with you, fighting your battles. understanding that we have a Father who knows us and cares about us is so important; his reckless love and power are always there to rescue you. he is fighting your battle, you need only to continue to worship and trust him. it is harder than it sounds but we find comfort in our God’s unconditional faithfulness. Even though we all know that 2019 won’t come with perfection and it won’t be exactly the way we want it, I know we will find victory in Jesus. Our Savior defends our hearts even when we don’t deserve it.

In 2019 I declare that you will find breakthrough and joy in praising Jesus, there is simplicity yet power in words of thankful praise. Despite the things we will have to face in 2019, we know that the king has it all under control and he is not surprised by any of it. we can trust the one who created us. 2019 is going to be a year of pure joy, the deep-down joy that isn’t circumstantial. The Lord has blessed 2019 and already knows what it holds, trust him. I promise he has our backs.

much love, ava

Songs that I worshipped to in 2018 & and will continue to sing to in 2019:

Confident – Steffany Gretzinger

Endless Alleuia – Cory Asbury

You Don’t Miss A Thing – Amanda Cook

We Say Yes – Housefires

I Am No Victim – Kristene Dimarco

Tremble – Mosaic MSC

Oxygen – Steffany Gretzinger

Elohim – Hillsong

Hope is Alive – Kristene Dimarco 



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