HELLO, I’M AVA!!! This where I share my thoughts about Jesus, the world, people, and art. I’m so thankful you found A Collection of Sunsets.

about me: I’ve been dancing at The Calling Dance Academy for the past four years and this year I’m dancing about eight hours a week. I love dancing and worshiping Jesus though the art. Since I have a blog obviously I enjoy writing and sharing things. I love drawing and hand lettering; one day I hope to start a hand lettering business. I also love to cook, one night a week I make dinner for my family (I want to write a cookbook). I am fifteen year old learning to love, and live life well.

My main attempt in this short life is to deeply love humankind. I long to love like Jesus: intentionally, authentically, and with no boundaries. I hope you enjoy my ramblings! I’m honored you read them.

~ ava lucia ~


photography by abby o’dea: https://www.instagram.com/aeophotography_/